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 Sustainably Yours Large Grains Formula Cat Litter the newest extension of the sustainably Yours family. This larger granularity most closely resembles clay granules in size. Perfect for assisting in the transition from clay to a more sustainable litter and for minimal tracking.


  • *JACKSON GALAXY'S CHOICE - Sustainably Yours is used by the cat expert's crew at home, and in the Cat Daddy's own words - "It's THE BEST cat litter I've ever used in the big three categories: clumping, tracking, and odor control."
  • *100% SUSTAINABLE - made from corn and cassava, two plants that are completely natural, renewable, biodegradable, and compostable.
  • *WORLD-CLASS ODOR CONTROL - our specially prepared corn and cassava formula has exceptional odor-fighting properties. It instantly neutralizes offensive smells without added chemicals or fragrances, and it keeps on working no matter how many cats you have.
    Remarkably firm clumps trap all residual odor and, unlike ordinary plant-based litters, they can easily be scooped out without breaking or crumbling. For convenience, clumps can be flushed (please follow instructions on packaging).
  • *A CLEAN YOU CAN SEE! - Lighter in color than alternatives, our dust-free litter makes it easier to keep the litter box tidy and spot differences in your cat's urine.

Material: From two renewable sources, corn and cassava. 100% natural, no chemicals, fragrance-free.