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Introducing Raw Support Joint, a revolutionary supplement specifically formulated to support healthy joints and help maintain cartilage health in dogs and cats. This includes cartilage loss, joint problems, and tissue damage. This ground-breaking solution offers the following benefits:

  • Rebuilds & repairs cartilage: Raw Support Joint is crafted from natural compounds found in cartilage, strategically designed to counteract the ongoing degradation of soft tissue between your pet's joints. It actively promotes the rebuilding and repair of cartilage for improved joint health.
  • Reduces the rate of degradation: Our Glucosamine HCL Complex in liquid form features an exceptional 100% absorption rate. With each 5 ml serving delivering a potent 500 mg of Glucosamine HCL, this supplement effectively reduces the rate of degradation in your pet's joints, providing essential support for their overall joint health.


Glucosamine HC1, Yucca, MSM

Supplement Guidelines

Weight                        per day 

0-5 kg (0-11 lbs)                           2 ml
6-11 kg (12-22 lbs)                      4 ml
12-15 kg (23-33 lbs)                    6 ml
16-20 kg (34-44 lbs)                    8 ml
21-30 kg (45-66 lbs)                    10 ml
31-40 kg (67-88 lbs)                    12 ml
41-50 kg (89-110 lbs)                  15 ml
51-60 kg (111-132 lbs)                18 ml