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Supports healthy immune defenses in the lungs and easy breathing

  • Supports normal immune defenses in the lungs and lower respiratory tract
  • Helps maintain normal airway opening (dilation) to ease breathing
  • Supports healthy oxygenation and optimal respiratory function
  • Provides soothing comfort and relief

What is Lung Gold used for?

Lung Gold can provide added immune support in the lungs and help maintain normal dilation of the airways.

The respiratory system can be divided into two areas: the upper and lower respiratory tract. Lung Gold is ideal for support of the lower, branching bronchi and bronchioles. 

Conditions in the lower respiratory tract can be caused by:

  • Infections (viral, bacterial or fungal)
  • Allergies (environmental, such as to cigarette smoke)
  • Parasites (heartworm, lung worm)

Regardless of the cause, there is compromised ventilation and inadequate gas (oxygen, carbon dioxide) exchange in the alveoli of the lungs. Alveoli are hollow sacs at the base of the lungs where oxygen is taken in and transported throughout the body via the red blood cells, and carbon dioxide is released via exhalation.


Active Ingredients: Reishi fruiting body (Ganoderma lucidum), Coptis root (Coptis chinensis), Pleurisy root (Asclepias tuberosa), Fresh Marshmallow root (Althaea officinalis), Chinese Skullcap root (Scutellaria baicalensis), Jujube fruit (Ziziphus jujube), Fresh Grindelia flower (Grindelia spp.), Usnea thallus (Usnea barbata), Ginger rhizome (Zingiber officinale), Ascorbic acid (Vitamin C). Inactive Ingredients: Deionized water, natural bacon flavor, vegetable glycerin

Feeding Guidelines

Administer Lung Gold twice daily:

  • Under 30 lb: Give one drop per 2 lb (1 kg) of body weight
  • 30 - 34 lb: 0.75 ml
  • 35 - 44 lb: 1.0 ml
  • 45 - 64 lb: 1.25 ml
  • 65 - 79 lb: 1.5 ml
  • 80 - 99 lb: 1.75 ml
  • 100 - 119 lb: 2.0 ml
  • 120+ lb: 2.25 ml

Shake well before use. Does not require refrigeration.