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Product Description

Sourced from a Canadian dairy, Big Country Raw Fermented Goat Milk is of superior quality and freshness.

Goats are raised on a nutritious year-round diet of natural NON-GMO and glyphosate-free alfalfa and grass hay (up to 96 % of total diet), and a grain ration that includes a protein, mineral and gut health source. The goats are kept in large open barns with outside access, and free pasture for non-lactating animals.


Raw Whole Goat Milk, Bacteria Cultures (Lactococ-Cus Lactis, Leuconostoc Mesenteriodes).

Guaranteed Analysis

Analysis shown per 250mL (1 cup) as fed:

Calories 65 Kcal
Protein 4%
Fat 4%
Carbohydrates 2.5%
Fiber 0%
Moisture 89%

Feeding Guidelines

Start small so you don’t overwhelm the system with all this new goodness.

  • Small size dogs or cats: 1 tsp – 1 tbsp
  • Medium size dogs: 1 – 2 tbsp
  • Large dogs: 2 – 3 tbsp

You can increase this dosage to 2-3 times the suggested daily serving.

Serving and Storage Suggestions:

Thaw product after purchase.

Create daily servings in resealable bag, silicone molds or individual container.

Re-freeze what won’t be used within 14 days.

Add frozen molds or thaw and serve within 24 hrs.

For pet use only. Not for human consumption. This product has not been pasteurized.