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Triple Star Acres is exceptionally proud to offer customers farm-grown, ethically and happily raised chickens.  We are also extremely honoured to have been accepted into the Chicken Farmers of Ontario's Artisinal Program in 2015.   We are inspected and audited yearly, which that alone gives customers comfort knowing we are raising quality and naturally raised chickens.  

Our birds' diet consists of 100% all natural certified Non-Gmo grain, which is free of any and all animal by-products, artificial growth agents and antibiotics.  Our free roaming chickens are free to be outdoors or indoors from spring to fall, and their barn door is always open.  They spend their days outside and forage in plants and eating insects.  At night, our birds are tucked away in newly built ventilated buildings with clean well water, an abundance of feed and a thick bedding of shavings to keep our birds extremely comfortable and warm.These extra efforts and practices help us produce healthy, flavourful whole birds for our customers to enjoy!