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Chicken is a highly digestible and nutritious protein providing essential fatty acids and protective monounsaturated fat. Chicken is also high in niacin, known for its anti-cancer properties. Compared to other meats, chicken is high in vitamin A, with significant levels of the B vitamins.

Locally-sourced wild caught capelin is packed with nutrients. Capelin contains omega-3’s for joint support and heart health. High in selenium, capelin provides immune system support.

Taurine is an essential amino acid that plays a critical role in ocular and cardiovascular health. Taurine is included in all TR cat food.

Ingredients: Chicken (muscle meat, liver, heart, bone), Wild caught whole capelin and taurine.

Directions: Thaw pots in the refrigerator. Some cats prefer their food slightly warm. To warm the meal, submerge the covered pot in warm water until it reaches the desired temperature. Never microwave Totally Raw Cat Pots.