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Olie® Naturals New Beginnings® Probiotic is the original organic European, fermented, herbal, probiotic that links old traditions, innovative technologies and global leaders in the art and science of probiotics. New Beginnings® Probiotic is produced in Denmark where it was developed over 25 years ago and is now sold and enjoyed in over 40 countries.

New Beginnings® Probiotic was developed to provide probiotics the way nature intended. Years of research have resulted in an organic concentrated probiotic containing some of nature's most brilliant creations: herbs and living lactic acid bacteria.

New Beginnings® Probiotic contains a blend of 7 carefully selected active bacterial cultures and 19 herbs. A unique, gentle, fermentation process yields this dynamic and complex mixture designed to remain viable and functional as it travels throughout the gastrointestinal tract.

When is New Beginnings® Probiotic best taken?

New Beginnings® Probiotic can be consumed at any time of the day. Some individuals prefer it on an empty stomach, while others prefer it during meals. For some, small amounts are sufficient, while others benefit from taking it several times a day.

New Beginnings® Probiotic is suitable for all ages.

Refrigerate after opening. Do not shake but PLEASE, gently rotate and turn to dispense sediment from the bottle AND do not leave the cap off the bottle.


This product is developed and produced in Denmark.