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  • SUPER STRONG ABSORPTION,TO PREVENT LEAKS AND WATERPROOF:strong absorption diaper pad is sewed into the diaper middle ,we are uniquely designed with leak protection of 2 layers micro fiber which can easily absorb urine, keeps your dog drier during prolonged use, and has a waterproof outer layer to prevent leaks and damage to carpet, sofa etc.
  • SOFT COMFORTABLE MATERIAL:premium mesh lined material and pure cotton outer material, skin-friendly, soft breathable;
  • ADJUSTABLE WAIST BY WIDER OPEN-CLOSED STRAPS,EASY PUT ON & TAKE OFF,DURABLE:We are specially designed a large square Open-Closed Straps, not slip off no matter how much wriggling and sliding across the floor.
  • FASHION BLACK,REUSABLE AND WASHABLE,DURABLE:Fit machine or hand washable, these diapers are more save money, comfort and environmentally friendly than the disposable dog diapers. when machine wash,Make sure the velcro tabs are closed to maintain the velcro more durable and sticky.