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Rabbit – 8 x 1/2lb patties. 

This is a blend of Meat, Bone, Organ all mixed into convenient 1/2lb (8 oz) patties. Contains rabbit heart and liver.

Raw meat, bones, organs, vegetables and fruit provide nutritious marrow, proteins, essential omega-fatty acids, lipids, amino acids, fibre, enzymes, antioxidants and a vast array of species-appropriate vitamins and minerals.

Congo Raw adheres to the highest level of standards. Quality is never compromised!  They do not use fillers, by-products, gimmicks, or fancy and wasteful packaging. They have carefully selected local suppliers. Their blends and dinners are prepared from the freshest ingredients right here in Newmarket, Ontario. We sought out the best for our pets and are proud to offer you the same high quality meals for yours.