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Congo Raw’s 100% Salmon. Wild salmon fillets, bone and skin, just ground and formed into patties; no water added. Package contains 7 x 1/2lb patties.

This is not a complete meal choice; lacking mainly organs. Therefore it must be fed in rotation with other dinners or blends. Rotating protein sources is recommended in order to achieve a balanced diet. Exceptional quality with visible pink oils when it thaws – most dogs love this! Excellent for fish lovers, picky eaters and senior dogs. An excellent product to mix in when introducing raw for the first time or with new proteins for finicky eaters. Or just offer as a special meal in your dog’s rotation. A must try for all raw fed dogs!

Congo Raw adheres to the highest level of standards. Quality is never compromised! They do not use fillers, by-products, gimmicks, or fancy and wasteful packaging. They have carefully selected local suppliers. Their blends and dinners are prepared from the freshest ingredients right here in Newmarket, Ontario. We sought out the best for our pets and are proud to offer you the same high quality meals for yours.