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Premium Hydration System Redefine - Compatible with:
CONTIGO, Under Armour, ThermoFlask, S'Well, Thermos

  • Made with 100% Bio-degradable/Compost-able materials - HydroSMART-Pro is the first and only pet hydration device that is made from Compost-able/Bio-degradable materials.  Made from 100% Wheat Fiber it provides the durability and Eco-friendly solution that no alternatives can offer.

  • Signature Back-Flow Prevention System - Push button signature back-flow prevention system allows both convenience and functional share usage of hydration for both the pet and their owners without cross contamination.

  • Patent Pending Signature FLEX Adaptable System - HydroSMART-Pro work with majority of major brands 'Sports / Reusable Water Bottles' to completely eliminate any environmental waste impact, contributing a minimal carbon footprint.
    (i.e. S'WELL, Thermos, Under Armour, CONTGIO, ThermoFlask, Hydro Flask, etc.)

Compatible Bottle Brands:

  • Hydro Flask - Wide Mouth Series 
  • S'WELL - Original Bottles series - All 17 oz. | *Some 9 oz. Bottles
  • Under Armour - Dominate | Beyond models
  • THERMOS - Guardian models
  • ThermoFlask - 24 | 32 | 40 | 64 oz. Bottles
  • MANNA - CONVOY | MODA collections
  • and MUCH MORE!

 *DISCLOSURE: This product is NOT AFFILIATED and/or endorsed by the brands mentioned. The brands mentioned have been used to demonstrate the compatibility of our product with their product(s). The brands mentioned are STRICTLY FOR REFERENCE ONLY.