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Team Member - Alana


Alana is Jolie's Daughter and officially joined the pack in 2014. Alana has been on her own journey (left for school) and came back to the pack in 2018 as Store Manager where her skills are helping to keep our store running smoothly and efficiently. Alana is passionate about animal welfare. She herself is the proud Pet Guardian to Metalica and Levi (cats) and Bella (dog). You will often see Bella greeting our customers in the store.

Alana is passionate and dedicated in her learning curve to ensure that she can be the best advocate for your animals welfare and the best leader/trainer that she can be. It's a pleasure watching her grow into a future entrepreneur.

Currently, Alana is finishing her studies in Business Management and has completed her studies in Certified Pet Food Nutrition, Certified Raw Food Nutrition and she is dedicated to non stop learning and knowledge in order to fuel her commitment to our community and our brand.