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Hiring Team Leader

Job Posted 08/08/2022

We are looking for talented Team Lead/Pet Food Consultants that have a passion for promoting “healthy life and longevity” in companion animals.  

Our ideal candidate should be able to lead a team; communicate company goals and safety practices; have exceptional time management skills and have superior communication skills (as you are responsible for daily contact with customers and team members).

Ultimately, you should be able to improve sales and increase profits while educating our clientele on the importance of species-appropriate foods and supplements. 


    • Manage the receiving of orders safely, accurately and efficiently. 
    • Supports team manager and performs management duties when the manager is absent or out of the office.
    • Manages inventories and stock, including keeping detailed records of inventory use and sales, and advising management on orders where necessary.
    • Provides encouragement to team members, including communicating team goals and identifying areas for new training or skill checks.
    • Assists management with new team member training.
    • Answers team member questions, helps with team member problems, and oversees team member work for quality and guideline compliance.
    • Communicates deadlines and goals to team members. 
    • Develops strategies to promote team member adherence to company regulations and performance goals.
    • Ensures company brand materials and physical working spaces meet and exceed company presentation standards.
    • Provides quality customer service, including interacting with customers, answering customer enquiries, and effectively handling customer complaints.
    • Assisting customers in selecting desired products.
    • Serving customers in such a manner to promote a pleasant experience and repeat sales.
    • Responsiveness to consumer trends and customer needs (completing at home education and reading in a timely manner).
    • Maintaining constant alertness to protect against fraud (i.e. Theft, shoplifting, outdated credit cards, etc.).
    • Recording several items accurately and efficiently (i.e., sales transactions, refunds, credits, hours worked, etc.).
    • Communicating to store manager any customer requests or challenges (i.e., special orders, difficult customers, etc.).
    • Communicating to store manager any concerns with team building (employee performance).
  • Performing daily store functions while on shift (i.e., opening/closing, housekeeping, product display, etc.).
      • Product information and differentiation/Product availability/Product substitutions
      • Computer literacy (including the use of software)
      • Filing

    NOTE:  As this role is a newly added position – duties may be added and/or deleted (at the management's discretion) as we continue to develop the standards. 


    The qualities of an effective team leader inspire the trust and respect of the team and stimulate production within the workplace.  As an effective Team Leader, you shall be:

    • A Clear Communicator. Effective team leaders communicate clearly. 
    • Organized.
    • Confident in the Team.
    • Respectful to Others.
    • Fair and Kind. 
    • An Example of Integrity. 
    • Influential.

    Additionally, the following traits will allow you to excel in this position:

    • Positive Attitude (i.e., diplomacy, cheerfulness), 
    • Telephone Skills (i.e., professionalism), 
    • Organizational Skills (i.e., Record Keeping)
    • Judgement Skills (i.e., discretion)
    • Team Leadership Experience
    • Product Knowledge and Industry Experience (willing to train)
    • Leadership Skills
    • Strong Oral and Written Communication Skills
    • Motivational Skills
    • Results-Oriented
    • Employee Training Experience
    • Setting a positive example for other employees to followSales Skills/ Customer service skills
    • Strong Relationship Building
    • Willing to Delegate
    • Have to ability to admit to fault and put into place an action plan for correction.
    • Acceptance of the requirements to constantly learn and train by completing training courses in a timely manner. 
    • A productive day’s work to the best of the employee’s ability and skill
    • High standards in both personal and professional conduct and appearance (both on and off the job).
    • Timely arrival to work



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