COVID-19 Information

COVID-19 Information

At Tail Blazers Sudbury we are taking every step possible to protect both our staff and our community from the spread of COVID.  We take this matter very seriously.  All of our team members take Physical and Social Distancing very seriously and all have signed a contract stipulating their understanding on the importance of continuing both Physical and Social Distancing in and out of the workplace.   Our team members are kept up to date on the status of the virus and we follow guidelines set by government and health officials/agencies.   We ask that our valued customers respect the same considerations in their own lives regarding both Social and Physical distancing while we are in this pandemic.  

In order to offer the least amount of transmission - we have switched to NO CONTACT curbside pick up.  Our store front is closed to the public.  People cannot enter our store at this time. 

In order to facilitate smooth transactions we have developed this website and in addition have different order methods:

1.  We kindly ask that you submit your email orders to:  Please include your account phone number.  This is important as we can search your history and ensure that you are getting the correct products. 

2.  You may call in your order using the following phone numbers:

Main Line:  705-470-3112

Secondary Line:  705-806-2234

Text:  705-920-0557

We will pick your order for you.  When your order is ready - we ask you to drive up to the store (pull up to curbside), HONK your horn and display the customer number provided to you once your order has been confirmed. 

We ask you to pop your trunk if you can and we will deposit your merchandise into your vehicle.  


Method of payments: 

  • Phone in your Visa/MC/Amex - we are now using a secure application for this payment method.  It is a virtual terminal that will approve your transaction.  
  • Send etransfer to
  • Pay with Portable Debit machine when you arrive.  The machine is disinfected after each transaction. 

Together we can stop the spread of Covid.  Stay safe and healthy.