COVID-19 Information_Updated February 10th, 2021

Tail Blazers Sudbury

Curbside Pick Up or Delivery($5) until Feb 16th 2021. 


Context: provincewide shutdown

  • Based on the latest modelling data, cases are expected to continue to grow, with multiple models predicting rates of at least 1,500 cases per day for several weeks under current restrictions. Daily mortality is also increasing
  • There has been a significant reduction in people staying home, especially when compared to the Spring. Patterns also continue to show trends of people moving across public health unit regions
  • Escalating case counts have led to increasing hospitalization rates and capacity challenges in many large urban hospitals, which has resulted in new disruptions to scheduled surgeries and procedures
    • Hospitalizations have increased by 74% over the past four weeks (leading up to Dec. 21) and the number of covid 19 patients in ICU is above the 150-person threshold
    • Some hospitals have been directed to defer in-person care that is not time-sensitive to ensure surge capacity
  • Public health and other experts have expressed significant concerns that the current transmission trends, combined with the potential high levels of mobility from social and consumer activity over the holiday period, could overwhelm health care and public health sector capacity in the new year
  • A provincewide shutdown will help interrupt or slow current community transmission, reduce mobility and allow our health care and public health systems that are reaching critical limits and to recover briefly and catch-up
  • The following slides outline sector-specific restrictions that will be put in place under the Provincewide Shutdown

General Retail (all other retail, including hardware stores, pet food, computer stores, etc.):

  • Curbside pick-up or delivery only (in-person retail shopping not permitted)
  • Sales must be exclusively made so patrons are not required to enter the indoor area of the business, including curbside pick-up or delivery