COVID-19 Information

COVID-19 Information_Updated October 5, 2020

At Tail Blazers Sudbury we are taking every step possible to protect both our staff and our community from the spread of COVID.  We take this matter very seriously.  All of our team members take Physical and Social Distancing very seriously and all have signed a contract stipulating their understanding on the importance of continuing both Physical and Social Distancing in and out of the workplace.   Our team members are kept up to date on the status of the virus and we follow guidelines set by government and health officials/agencies.   We ask that our valued customers respect the same considerations in their own lives regarding both Social and Physical distancing while we are in this pandemic.  

Our store is now open and we have put in place the following policy to cover our entire customer needs, our staffing needs and general safety/health needs: 

Face Covering Policy for Businesses and Organizations for Enclosed Public Spaces

Tail Blazers Sudbury

Effective: October 4, 2020

 1. Face Covering Required: Effective July 17, 2020 no Person is permitted to enter or remain in an Enclosed Public Space owned or operated by Tail Blazers Sudbury, unless they are wearing a Face Covering at all times in a manner that covers the mouth, nose and chin without gaping. Certain exemptions apply, and these are listed below.

 2. Definitions:

  • Person means any customer, patron, client Employee or visitor, who enters the enclosed public space;
  •  Employee means employees, volunteers, students, contractors, and others who access the enclosed public space;
  •  Enclosed Public Space means indoor public spaces of businesses or organizations accessed by the public;
  •  Face Covering means a medical mask or a non-medical mask or other Face Coverings such as a bandana, a scarf, or cloth that covers the mouth and nose. Face shields are not acceptable forms of a face covering for the purpose of these instructions.


  1. Temporary Removal: The face covering may be temporarily removed to access services provided by Tail Blazers Sudbury where it is reasonably required to do so.


  1. Exemptions: For member of the public who cannot wear a mask for medical/religious/or other personal reasons will be accommodated the following ways:
  •  Pull up to the store and call us and we will personally shop for you and bring your merchandise to your vehicle
  •  Email and we will personally shop for you, pack your order and have it ready for curb side pick up.
  • Shop online at and we will personally shop for you and have it ready for curb side pick up.


  1. Proof of Exemption Not Required: No person shall be required to provide proof of any exemption (Any member of the public can request these special accommodations).


  1. Signage and Verbal Instructions: Visible signage about is posted to advise persons of the face covering requirement. Employees are required to provide verbal reminders to persons entering the Enclosed Public Space without a face covering or persons unreasonably removing the face covering while in the premises.


  1. Employee Training: Tail Blazers Sudbury will ensure that all employees are aware of the policy and are trained on its implementation and enforcement.



We are still offering Free Delivery to persons within the vulnerable category.  If you are at an increased risk of contracting or spreading the virus please communicate to our team and we will arrange delivery to you within the Sudbury boundaries.