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What We Offer:

At Tail Blazers Sudbury we offer a Self Serve Dog washing room. It provides you the benefit of bathing your dog yourself in a convenient and simple location with NO CLEAN UP! The dog wash is cleaned and sanitized by our team members before and after every dog wash for your safety. 


What is Included: 

With the purchase of a dog wash the following items will be available to use:

  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner
  • Brushes
  • Blow Dryers
  • Ear Protectors
  • Towels
  • Grooming Table
  • Nail Clippers
  • Ear Cleaners
  • After Sprays
  • Dog Treats

What you Need to Bring: 

We do not ask Clients to bring anything because everything that you we need to make your dog clean is available in our dog wash room. That being said - if your dog has medical conditions that required a specific soap or treats, please bring them with you because there is a chance that we may not have products in the dog wash suited for your pet. 

What you need to know: 

Our dog wash does have rules in place to make sure that you, your dog, our team members and our customers stay safe and happy, please read these rules carefully;

  • If your dog is aggressive please inform team members right away as well inform others that may be around your dog. 
  • Dogs are to be on a leash when not enclosed in the dog wash room 
  • While in the dog wash room your dog will be required to be "tied in" to the tub and to the grooming table. 
  • Please do not go into the tub with your dog
  • Please do not sit on the grooming table
  • Please DO NOT rinse dog poop down the drain. Please clean up after your dog or inform a team member if it has an accident ... 💩
  • Please be aware of other peoples time. If you booked the room for 1 hour then please ensure that you are done in that time frame. If you need to we have a device that will start a timer for you in the dog wash room. Just say "Hey Google, start a 50 minute timer" and a timer will be started for you. 
  • If you need more time than what you booked please book more time. You will see an option for it at the bottom of this page.  
  • Please know that the multiple dog wash option is meant for dogs coming from the same home and owned by the same humans to help them with the cost of bathing multiple dogs, this option is not meant for friends wanting to bathe their dogs together.
  • If you are booking for a Dog wash for more than one dog please use code: BOGOWASH at check out to apply a discount for your second dog wash.

Happy Booking, Please make sure you are booking for the correct size of dog! 


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